Friday, 23 January 2009

Jan 18th - 22nd

January 22nd - Answer Your Cat's Questions

At 71 Westy Road, we have no cat. Will is allergic and the landlord won't let us anyway. However, theres is a cat that regularly comes into our garden. He also entered our conservatoy quite a lot and sometimes came into the house. We named him/her/it Stella. I wondered when lying in bed, what it would ask me if it could. So let's answer those questions....

Stella: You always used to let me in your house, now you don't, why is this?
Pete: Sorry about this, this is partly because Will is allergic to all cats, not just you. Also, we have a tumble dryer now and the tube that lets the hot air out needs to go somewhere, so we had to use your cat flap. Sorry!

Stella: I quite enjoy roaming around your back garden, but there's a lot of rubble and dangerous items there that could injure me. Can you please clear these out so that I can use your garden as a shortcut to other places?
Pete: The garden was in that state when we arrived. We're not really sure if the landlord is still working on it or not. As a result we haven't done anything to it as we never use the garden. I will do a sweep of the area to ensure it's not too bad though. Think of it as an urban jungle!

Stella: Why did you only offer me a saucer of milk once?
Pete: Because you didn't touch it!! It was a complete waste. I presumed you didn't like milk so I haven't done it again!

Stella: Why did you name me after a bottle of beer?
Pete: We didn't know your name. We'd been drinking Stella at the time when you came into our garden so it seemed a good idea.

Stella: Why do people think that cats like fish as our main treat? I want some steak!!!
Pete: Ask more politely and it's more likely to happen. I don't know why. You cats seem to love fish! and it's cheaper than steak. I might offer you a piece next time I'm cooking some, if you're lucky and a bit more polite.

January 21st - Hot and Spicy International Food Day

I love spicy food. I could have been boring and got a microwave curry or a takeaway. But where's the fun in that?? So I defrosted some chicken, bought a spicy sauce and boiled some rice. The sauce, as it turns out, was more chilli con carne in style. But it was still good. Another good day in the 365 project.

January 20th - Penguin Awareness Day

Today i tootled across to Hinckley to assist the Crux Theatre guys in a sponsored bike ride. In the van was Laura (team driver; team chaplin), Bex (team nutritionalist) and myself (team mechanic; navigator. Also in the van and pictured left to right is Squid, Sydney and Peter. For the whole day I aware of them as they sat on the dashboard staring up at me.

January 19th - National Champagne Day

SJ's birthday was annoyingly the day after so I had to time this one well. I went to Aldi and bought a bottle of real champers for £9.99 (probably the grapes that fallen on the floor). I then went to SJ's house and poured the champagne at 11:58pm on the 19th. I then had some at 11:59pm on the 19th. The girls consumed some at midnight to celebrate SJ's birthday. Definately the most expensive day so far, but also very good!

January 18th - National Peking Duck Day

What a beautiful day!! I love duck. I love chinese. What better excuse to have some than a whole day dedicated to it.

I bought my quarter of crispy aromatic duck and settled down to watch the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers attempting to win and qualify for the Superbowl. I loved the peking duck, was so flippin tasty! And the Steelers won! hurrah!

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