Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Pastrami Ice Cream Eating Fairies Pig out Whilst Ducking Champagne

its been awhile since i've blogged, apologies, but i have religiously kept the 365 days of stupidness tran running in my life. as i dont have a camera or a phone good enough to have one my photos are a little delayed in coming up but will be up soon.

some updates:

hot pastramis sarnies are ace..... pastrami is not available in aldi and is expensive n somerfield

strawberry ice cream is quality....i had mine in the form of a cornetto

fairies are fun....i wore a tinkerbell hat and waved a wand

pigs are great animals...especially the way harvesters cook them and smother them in bbq sauce

peking duck is sensational.....bought from iceland for £2

champagne is horrible....so is champagne marmite! the cheap mans way of celebrating this day

today is penquin awareness day i was just gonna p-p-p-p-pick up the chocolate version but i though i needed to be more aware of penquins so here are some penquin facts:

they spend 75% of their time underwater

they can't breath underwater but can hold their breath for ages

average water speed is 15mph

they gather in groups of up to 5000

their man diet is fish

main predator is the leopard seal


why don't you see penquins in britain?

cos they are afraid of wales! haha! happy penquin awareness day!

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