Monday, 2 February 2009

the last 9 days!

so i'm crap at regular blogging. sue me.

i agree with pete, peanut butter sticks to your mouth and is rank! i celebrated with gizmo, sarah and the lovely laurie

i announced at the front of st marks church gillingham that it was national opposite day and then informed a lady in the front row that she looked lovely!

chinese new year was celebrated with the lovely hyde family! zoe cooked a fab chinese meal which myself ben and emily gobbled up!

on thomas crapper day i had a huge poo and appreciated what the ballcock does.......unfortunately i was friend-with-camera less that day so no pic........ur probably quite glad

daisy day. no daisies. what a ridiculous time of year for this day. short on inspiration i facebooked daisy burrows, someone i haven't seen for about 6 years, and wished her a happy daisy day!

puzzle day was seriously fun. myself and one of the young people adam completed a 50 piece puzzle in about 6 mins.....really good fun

i yodelled at the people in the shop next door to our office. they thought i was nuts.

brandy alexanders were so nice i made 1 for ben and myself the next day. brandy based drinks national days are definitely among my favourite of 365 so far!

baked alaska was made round at ben and zoe's. although i did whisk some eggs for a couple of minutes zoe has to make all the credit for a lovely chocolate ice cream flavored one! we scoffed it down and felt a bit sick afterwards.......

hedgehog day today.....heres some facts about those spiky little beings!
  • Hedgehogs are well-known for rolling into a ball as a defence mechanism, using their spines to protect themselves. Unfortunately this mechanism does not help them when trying to cross roads.
  • Hedgehogs can communicate in a variety of different ways, including grunts, snuffles, and loud squeals.
  • Hedgehogs are nocturnal.
  • Hedgehogs were eaten in Ancient Egypt, with a common cooking method being to cover the hedgehog in clay and then bake it. Please don't try this at home!
  • The gestation period for hedgehogs is 35 to 58 days, depending on the species, and this results in three to six mini hedgehogs.
  • Hedgehogs in Britain generally hibernate from November to March, although this can depend on the temperature and weather.
  • British hedgehogs can live up the age of 10.
  • Hedgehogs are mentioned in Shakespeare's The Tempest and Midsummer Night's Dream.

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