Wednesday, 4 February 2009

throats and postmen

was really looking forward to today, to the look on a postmans face as i thanked him for all his hard work.........unfortunately work got in the way so i didn't get to thank one face to face but here is a copy of the email i sent to royal mail....

hello there,

you may or may not know that today, 4th feb, is officially national thank a mailman day! as i haven't seen any postman during my days activities i thought i'd write an email instead. so to all at the royal mail THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

dave guard

ps. check out
to see more national days

.......yesterday i blessed some young peoples throats at drop-in. photos up soon.

much love


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  1. As a postman myself can I say thank you for posting this. Any thanks, especially in the current weather is very much appreciated.

    If you want you can say thanks to about 6,000 posties at